Skiing The Canyons, Alta and Deer Valley, 2005
Well, I now have a new favorite ski area.  The Canyons are awesome.  With 3,200 skiable acres across EIGHT PEAKS, this resort has an amazing variety of terrain.  Lots of super "double blacks."  Just get of the top of about any lift and head through the nearest gate.  Runs like "Fright Gully," "Magic Line" and Red Pine Chutes" off lift "Ninety Nine 90" are some of the best runs I have ever skied in thirty two years.  With only 14% green, this is not exactly a beginner mountain.  Unlike Telluride, where many of the "double black" runs are more like steep black diamond runs, when the canyons says "double black", they mean it!!  We liked the Canyons so much we purchased a condo at the Grand Summit.

We spent our first full day at Alta.  This is also an incredible area.  Unfortunately conditions were terrible on most  of the mountain (other than groomers.)  I found out it is not wise to go through gates at Alta when they have warning signs up about "Hard Snow Conditions."  I slid about 1/3 of the way down an icy chute in the "Spiney Chutes Area."  I also found out it is possible to jump over an exposed rock (3' X 3') when you are sliding on your butt.  I have no idea how I did it, but I am glad I did!  After lunch we did manage to find some great snow in the "Baldy Shoulder Area."  As you will notice in the pictures however, by then conditions were totally FLAT and skiing anything steep and/or bumpy became very difficult.

There is one run I have to go back to Alta and do.  It is the coular that comes down form the top of Mount Baldy and ends in the Ballroom Area right at the gates to the "Baldy Shoulder Area."

We found out about a guided tour available at Park City that we have to do next year.  You meet at Park City, receive back country and avalanche safety instructions then make a couple of runs to warm up.  Go to the top, ski under the ropes and down the back side of the resort to the base of Brighton Resort.  Make a few runs there, then at Solitude and again over the back side and down to Alta.  Ski at Alta then over to Snow Bird.  Then they bring you back to Park City.  It is Six Resorts in One Day.  I think they must make a run or two at Deer Valley before heading out to the back country.
Will headed down Baldy Shoulder
Mallory skiing down Baldy Shoulder moments before a major wipe-out.
Me and Marye Jo having lunch with Mallory at Doc's in the in the Grand Summit at The Canyons Resort.
The Empire Lodge at Deer Valley.  They have a great fondue dinner two nights each week.  They also had a little snow this year.
Marye Jo had a slight problem on 96 Turns.  Turned out to be a torn ACL.  She vows to finish the run next year.
Elizabeth was thriller to see us back form the Canyons
Two shots of Fright Gully under Ninety Nine 90 Lift.
Two shots of the Red Pine Chutes off Ninety Nine 90.
Don't breathe when you are using a flash on a cold night!
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