Marye Jo's New Tissot Ensign Formula 1
A few pictures of Marye Jo in the car.  Bud is explaining to her how to get in and out without doing serious damage.  She almost stepped through the radiator!
OK, the car belongs to Bud Moeller.  This is a very interesting person.  He owns formula 1 race cars.  The one pictured above raced in the 1979 season and was driven by Derek Daly.  The Tissot is his backup car when his Ferrari is acting up.  His second F1 and his primary car for the Legends series is a Mauro Forghieri designed 1980 Ferrari 312 T5 - flat 12 that he has owned since 1995.  Moeller's chassis number 46 was built for Gilles Villeneuve, but '79 champion Jody Scheckter drove it in most of the races.

Bill says, One problem (with the 1980 Ferrari) was that it was early in the development of ground effects. "They were still pretty novice when it came to understanding aerodynamics. If a car would catch a curb, the skirt would lift up, so they'd be very very twitchy on any sort of a bumpy surface."  The Legends will not allow the car to be driven with the skirts for safety reasons so it can be really interesting to drive at times.

The real amazing car he now has is a F310 B Ferrari driven by Michael Schumacher during the 1997 season.  The car can only be driven with the Ferrari Factory team since it can only be started and operated with their help and three of their lap tops.  Oh yes, that is Peter Max.  He was commissioned to do the painting of Bud's first Ferrari.