The sixteenth running of the Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run started at 6:00 am, Friday July 9, 2010, in Silverton, Colorado. In 2010, the course will be run in the clockwise direction - a big loop through the San Juan Mountains of beautiful southwest Colorado: Silverton to Ophir to Telluride to Ouray to Sherman (Lake City) and back to Silverton. One hundred miles, 33,000' total elevation gain, 11,186' average elevation, low point 7,680' at Ouray, high point 14,048' at Handies Peak.  Sounds like a lot of fun!  Here is a link to the Hardrock Web Site.  Check out the video.  Hardrock 100

This is part of the waiver all participants must sign.
I have also been advised that I may be exposed to physical injury from a number of natural factors, including snow on the course, lack of water, high water, lightning, mountain lions and bears, and to the hazards of vehicular traffic, and to those other hazards attendant upon running across or along roadways during the day or night including, among other things, the fact that I may become injured or incapacitated in a location where it is difficult or
impossible for the event's management to get required medical aid to me in time to avoid physical injury or even death.

But I didn't get in, Again.  Maybe 2012!

Here are a few pictures taken during the 2009 race run in the counter-clockwise direction.  In 2010 the race will be run in the clockwise direction.
You will notice there are almost no trees in the following pictures.  That is not because the San Juan Mountains in Southwestern Colorado do not have many trees.  It is because the entire race averages over 11,000 feet.  Timberline is about 11,200 ft in this part of the country.  Most of the race is above timberline.
Island Lake, just below Grant-Swamp Pass, between Ophir and Silverton.
The above picture is by Ken Ward. The pictures below were taken by Blake Wood or his crew members during the 2009 Hardrock 100.  Blake finished the race in 37 hours and  53 minutes.  They are in order and follow the course form beginning to end.  The counter-clockwise course starting in Silverton passes near Lake City, Ouray,  (No pictures - This section was done over Friday Night) Telluride, Ophir and back to Silverton.  More Ken's and Blake's pictures are available on the Hardrock website.
First river Crossing Animus River
The start in Silverton,
The first climb out of Silverton over Dives-Little Giant at about 13,000 ft.
Close to the top of Little Giant
At the top of the 4380 ft climb
Headed down to the 1st aid station at Cunningham Gulch located 9.2 miles from the start.
The Cunningham Gulch Aid Station
Crossing Cunningham Creek coming into the aid station.
Headed out of Cunningham AS and up Green Mountain and Buffalo Boy Ridge at 13,200ft.  About 2 miles out of the Cunningham AS you climb above timberline.  You will be above timberline for the next 18 miles.
You will first crest Green Mountain at about 13,000 ft.
From Green Mountain, there is a short descent and climb over Buffalo Boy Ridge.  You then drop down to the Maggie's Gulch aid station.  The next climb is Maggie's-Pole Pass, up to 12,500 ft.
You then drop down to Pole Creek AS. then right back up to Cataract Lake at about 12,200 ft.  19.6 miles into the race.
Heading down hill to the Sherman aid station
Sherman AS located at mile 28.7
You now begin the 8 mile climb up to the highest point on the course, Handies' Peak. at 14,100 ft.
Headed higher up Handies' Peak.  The summit is at approximately mile 37
The top of Handie's Peak.  14,100 ft
Over the top of Handies' Peak. and headed down to Grouse Gulch aid station
Abandoned mining town of Animas Forks
Heading down Handie's Peak
Grouse Gulch Aid Station - Mile 42
Looking back down the trail up to Engineers Pass
Sunset on Engineers Pass
Sunset in the San Juan Mountains
The final icy climb up Virginius Pass at dawns first light - 13,100 ft
Kroger's Canteen on top of Virginius Pass - mile 68
Looking down from Virginius Pass
Telluride Ski Resort from below Virginius Pass
Sunrise on Wilson Group
from Liberty Bell trail
Telluride - mile 72.7
Headed up Wasatch Basin to Oscar's Pass -  Mile 79 - 13,100 ft
Oscar's Pass
Looking down Oscar's Pass to Ophir Pass Road
Looking up Grant-Swamp Pass from the Oscar pass trail headed down to Chapman Gulch aid station.
Ophir from the Oscar Pass Rd
The final climb up Grant-Swamp Pass
The final climb up Grant-Swamp Pass - 12,600 ft - 85.6 miles
The Joel Zucker Memorial
Island Lake on the Ice Lake Trail headed down from Grant-Swamp Pass to the Kamm Traverse (KT) aid station
Crossing Ice Creek headed for the (KT) aid station
Just above Kamm Traverse (KT) aid station
The  (KT) aid station
Crossing the Putnam Divide
Heading down Putnam basin to the finish in about 5 miles.
The Hardrock Finish and the Hard Rock.
Waiting for the final finishers at dawn - Day 2
John DeWalt, age 74, approaches the finish line for his 14th Hardrock finish.
John DeWalt
Follow this link to more of Blake Wood's pictures from the 2008 race run in the Clockwise direction, same as 2010.  Click here
Click for Silverton, CO Forecast
Cunningham Gulch AS 1