2007 Imogene Pass Run

Ouray to Telluride Colorado - The Course and Surrounding area - Page 2
Ouray - as seen form Camp Bird Road less then one mile form the start.  The actual starting line is on Main Street just about in the middle of the buildings in the picture.
Camp Bird Road and river that runs along the race route
The Notch (road) just above the Lower Camp Bird Mine.  It was built for wagons as were all the old mining roads in the area.  Cars have about one foot to spare.
The Ouray Ice Climbing Park
If you have ever seen Ice Climbing competition on TV it was probably taking place right here.  The finals in mixed climbing ( Ice and Rock) usually take place under the bridge to the left.  The run goes over the bridge.
Alta Lakes  - Behind Prospect Bowl at the Telluride Ski Resort
Ouray about 7 AM (30 minutes before the start of the race) on Main Street.
Marye Jo at mile 16 (about one mile form the end).

2007 IPR - The RACE
Gold King Mine near the Ophr Needles