2007 Imogene Pass Run

Ouray to Telluride Colorado - The Course and Surrounding Area
This year we went over the top.  In 2006 everyone was very frustrated because the run route was changed at the last minute because of too much snow!!  As the result, Marye Jo and I both placed.  The race only reached about 10,500 feet and the altitude never came into play like it did in '07.  Even Flatlanders could do pretty well.  This year was another story.  There are no pictures of the Birmingham group receiving any awards.  The run was still an incredible experience and we will be back next year.

We went out a week early and ran, hiked and prospected for gold.  We had a great time and took about 400 pictures and twenty or so videos.  Below are a few.
Just a few shots along the Last Dollar road.  A beautiful way to come into Telluride,  Mount Wilson on the right is the Coors Beer Mountain.
Telluride and Mountain Village (above on the right) from Last Dollar just below the airport.
The following pictures are form our Monday morning acclimatization run up Tomboy Road form Telluride. If you don't hikeor run up before the race you will never see any of this.
Tomboy Mine ruins (11,500 ft) about mile 12 of IPR
Marye Jo near the Tomboy ruins
Bridle Vail Falls viewed from Tomboy Road
The tunnel (mile 14.3) of the IPR
Yes, Tomboy Road is this steep.  Not a good place to miss a turn.
Telluride from Tomboy Road with ski runs in the background.
Tuesday hike up Bridle Vail Falls Road to the Falls and a little prospecting
Bridle Vail form Below
The House at Bridle Vail Falls
The Mine just below Bridle Vail Falls
The road above the Falls - I have never seen anything like this!
The view is awesome
The switchbacks are amazing.  A Jeep Club came down while we were hiking up.  There are three switchbacks like this.  We watched one short wheel-base very high clearance Jeep back up and pull forward three times to get around this turn (with someone outside directing).  A few inches too far would send a vehicle tumbling down hundreds of feet.
In the summer of 1891, Lucien L. Nunn, in partnership with George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla, revolutionized the power industry with the world’s first successful transmission of alternating current (AC) power from his hydroelectric plant in Ames to the Gold King Mine near Alta.  All of the mines in the area soon became electrofied. 
The Mine entrance set in Telluride Conglomerate Rock.  There are bolted climbing routs all over these walls. (Both sides of the Canyon.)  It would be impossible to protect any climb except right up a seam.