2007 Imogene Pass Run

Sunday Morning Run up to Ingram Basin and Ajax Mountain - Page 3
Actually I cheated a bit.  I drove up to Bridle Vale falls and attempted to run up to Ajax Mountain.  I mostly walked.  I also spent a little time exploring the Black Bear mine ruins and taking a lot of pictures.  Tram cables crisscross Ingram Basin from all the abandoned mines.  That is what all the cables are.
Early morning sun reaches Telluride over Ajax and Telluride Mountain.
The road leading up to Black Bear Mill located next to Ingram Falls.  The mine is almost 1,000 feet above Bridle Vale Falls.
The Ruins of Black Bear Mill including the "Stamp Mill" used to crush oar before it was loaded it into the Tram car to be sent down the mountain to the Smugglers-Union Mill located over 2,000 feet below and one mile in distance.  Smugglers is located next to the aqua colored ponds in the first picture on this page.
Portion of Ingram Falls only viable form Black Bear Mill site.
Remains of the Boarding House on the edge of the cliff pictured above.
Way above timber line.  That is Telluride far in the distance. 

The trail up Ajax Mountain about 500 feet below the top
A Looking across at Ballard Mountain and Junta Peek from Ajax
An old Tram car on Ajax that seems to have fallen off the cable in Ingram basin.
Above Ingram Falls and the Black Bear Mill site
One of several cables very high over Ingram Basin and how it is secured.