The Leadville 100 mile Trail Run
"The Race Across the Sky"
I suppose preparation for Leadville started with training for the Mount Mitchell Challenge in February.  I added a little cross training with biking and swimming to prepare for the Gulf Coast Triathlon on May 9th in Panama City, Florida.  From now on it is all Leadville.  I attended the Leadville 100 training camp June 27th - 29th in Leadville.  We ran most of the course over three days for a total of 60 miles. The schedule was as follows:

Here is a Link to a video form the Training Camp run over Hope Pass to Winfield ghost town and back up to Hope Pass.
Again, I don't know who made this, I don't know who is in it and I hope they don't mind me using it.

Leadvill 100 web site, just in case you would like to enter!
Hope Pass
I am not sure what this is a picture of!
Turquoise Lake from about mile 15 or mile 85
depending on which way you are headed.
One of the stream crossings - in ice water!
Approaching Twin Lakes
about mile 38.
Almost to Timber line on the way up to Hope Pass .
Turquoise Lake
The Winfield Ghost Town and aid station, mile 50.
Now you get to turn around and do it all over again.
Map of the Leadvill 100 course. This is a big file:
Monday:  Our planned running activity (and it is an optional one) is a night run from Twin Lakes to tree line, a distance of about 12 miles. Meet at race headquarters (213 Harrison Ave.) at 7:30 PM and we'll transport you to Twin Lakes at 8:00 PM; we start running at 8:45 PM. Transportation will meet you at tree line and transport you back to Leadville.
Sunday:  Today's route will take us from Twin Lakes over Hope Pass to the ghost town of Winfield, then back over Hope Pass to Twin Lakes (the infamous double crossing). Depending on snow pack and river depth, we may or may not cross the river -- but we do have an alternative if the river cannot be safely crossed.  Meet at the Conference Center at 6:30 am for breakfast, then on the bus by 7:00 am for the ride to Twin Lakes and begin the run by 8:00 am. We will set up an aid station at the Winfield turnaround.  Then we'll transport you back to Leadville, with the last bus leaving at 4:30 PM sharp.
Saturday:  Meet at National Mining Hall of Fame Conference Center by 6:30 am. Breakfast will be provided by race management. Run schedule for the day is May Queen Campground to Twin Lakes, 26 miles. We'll transport you by bus from conference center to May Queen. There will be 2 well-supplied aid stations set up during the run to replenish runners. Upon your arrival to Twin Lakes, you'll be treated to a cookout before we transport you back to Leadville.
Training for The Leadville 100 
Below are a few pitures from the 2008 race.