Leadville, Twin Lakes and Telluride, Summer '09
Sunrise form Twin Lakes
Looking across the valley floor toward Hope Pass.  The pass is out of sight, just left of the mountain in the center.  The run crossed the flats and begins the clime up Hope on the far Left side of the picture.
Hope Pass from just above Twin Lakes.  From town, the pass is obscured by the ridge line in the foreground.
Down Town Twin Lakes at sunrise.  Mt. Elbert, the tallest mountain in Colorado, stands in the distance.
The view of the upper Lakes form out cabin.
Another view of sunrise over the lakes in Twin Lakes.
Monday, we drove over Independence Pass to Aspen about 40 miles form Twin Lakes.  These are a couple of pictures from the top of the pass at 12,095 ft.  That is 505 ft lower than Hope Pass that I ran over two days before!
Twin Lakes has a lot of these little critters.  Sometimes there would be as many as five around one feeder at once.
Tuesday after Leadville we drove to Telluride
Looking up the valley toward Town at sunset.
Since Keith and Alecia sold the San Sophia we stayed at the Columbia Hotel B&B directly across the street form the Gondola Station and Plaza.
Gondola Station
Wednesday, we hiked up 2,600 ft to just below the Liberty Bell Mine ruins.  The LB trail is part of the Hardrock 100 route.These are the ruins of a small village half a mile or so below the mine.

Hope Pass
12,600 ft
Just a few more pictures or our Wednesday hike.  We are about 400 ft below timberline.  Telluride Ski Resort is visible in the background behind Marye Jo.
Telluride Ski Resort form Liberty Bell Trail.  Mt Wilson is visible in the background
Mt. Wilson  If you don't recognize it, it is the mountain pictured on the Coors beer can.
Thursday morning I did a 5.5 mile run up Tom Boy Road to the TB Ruins at 11,500 ft.  While there I took time to gather a few rocks form a large pile of mine tailings (I am and sure the rocks are gold ore) and ran back down.  After a great breakfast at the Columbia, we drove over to another of our favorite places, Alta Lakes.  The lakes are located directly behind Prospect Bowl Lift.  If you hike up from the lift to Genevieve and La Rosa, the Black Iron Bowl or Palymara Peak, if you look down off the back side of the trail you can see the lakes.  Prospect Bowl Ridge is the saddle in the middle of the first picture.  Ski area boundry markers are visible in the enlarged picture.  The mountain visible in the first two pictures is Palymara Peak.  Actually most of Palymara is visible on the left in the 3rd picture.
Here is a link to Dave's Blod at Telluride Ski Resort home page
Doing a little more prospecting at Gold King mine behind Palymara Peak.
Click the immage to see a video of Alta Lakes, Palmyara peak and the back side of Prospect bowl.