The Legends of Motorsports Weekend at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham
 1967 March F1 Driven by Ronnie Peterson.1969 Ferrari Driven by  Pedro Rodriguez 1969 Ferrari Driven by  Pedro Rodriguez Shadow Formula One form the 1978 and 1979 Season.BRM Formula 1Derek Daly's Tissot Ensign N177 Formula 1, driven in the 1977 through 1979 seasons.Another Ronnie Peterson F1.Parnelli Jones F1, driven by Mario Andretti 1974 - 1976.Not much protection up front.The Lotus, John PLlayer Special, Driven by Mario Andretti. Another Shadow F1 driven by Hans Stuck. Mclarin F1 Driven by John Watson.  It is probably an M28 from the 1979 season.1980 Lotus 81 Formula 1, Driven by Nigel Mansell.Another view of the  Lotus 81 Formula 1 Driven by Nigel Mansell without the nose.Shadow F1, probably about a '78 or '79 driven by Jackie Oliver.Looking down the line of F1'sF1's from the other end.We were in the Paddock Club about 8:30 AM and saw Mario Andretti setting at a table by himself, texting.  Marco and John were qualifying at Indy that day and I am sure he had a lot on his mind.  I hated to interrupt him, but I wanted this picture.Bobby Rahal, Organizer of the Legends of Motorsports Series.Another March F1, Driven by Derik Daly.Another angle of the  March F1, driven by Derik Daly.Three beautiful Lotus Sports Racers.It would be fun to own one of these.It would be dangerous to own this 1969 Penske Lola T163Or how about this 1972 McLaren Can-Am Car.  They did not drive it in the race.Another shots of the McLaren.And a third shots of the McLaren.And one more.  I like this car!Several of Bobby Rahal's cars.And more of Bobby Rahal's cars.This Lotus Super 7 might be fun to drive, too.1964 Lotus 32, driven by AJ Foyt in the Indy 500.  It won pole.1986 March/Cosworth Driven by Bobby Rahal.  It won the race.Another view of the  March/CosworthA Lola T70.  No other explanation in necessary.  (about a 1970)A Lola T70,  Another view.And there was another Lola 
Photo Op' On Track prior to the Lotus Race (the F1 and Indy car did not race the sports cars.)  The Barber Museum has a large collection of Lotus Race Cars and the weekend featured Lotus cars.
Historic Grand Prix - The Formula One era between 1966 and 1983 followed by various Can-Am, Indy Cars and others.
The grid before the start of the Historic Formula 1 race.
F1 Starting Grid and Rollout

Bobby Rahol and Mario Andretti.Mario examining A J Foyt's Indy car .Bobby Rayhol before the start of the Lotus race.  He drove # 91 Lotus Europa.Ready for the race.  These cars were surprisingly quick.The race begins.And these were the winners.
F1 Start.  Yes, they do actually race these things!
First lap into the Hairpin - Turn 5 and 6

The lineup for the Lotus race.