Park City and Deer Valley, 2004
This was one trip that certainly turned out to be more exciting than expected.  It was fun being in Park City at the same time as the Birmingham Ski Club even if we did not go with the club.  The reason we went on this trip was so we could visit and ski with Will, my son who is living in Park City and working at Deer Valley Ski Resort.  We met Will for dinner that night and told him we would see him in the morning at the lift he was operating.  We got a call form him about 7:00 AM.  He had fallen in the middle of the street in front the employee housing and hurt his knee.  Overnight we had a dusting of snow, just enough to hide a patch of ice.  Turned out to be a torn his ACL and MCL.  So much for our Ski Guide.  That also ended Will's skiing for the season. 
Here are a few pictures form the trip:

Actually these first three pictures are form Christmas '03:
Mallory home from France for a Christmas Visit.  Will at his job as a lift operator at Deer Valley Ski Resort in Utah.  Mallory stopped by Birmingham, then off to Park City.
View form the top of McConkey's Bowl right above a great cornice
The cornice on top of Puma Bowl and down in the trees on Puma Bowl
As you can tell, we had a little snow.  While it was beautiful the conditions created so terrible skiing conditions.  About twelve inches fell over night and another twelve fell during the day.  Trouble was the temperature was at or above freezing the entire time.  The snow was very wet and very heavy plus visibility was about 20 feet in totally flat light.  This was the worst and most miserable conditions I have ever skied in.  (And I have been skiing 33 years)

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