Skiing in Telluride 2008
I have been skiing for more than 30 years.   In all that time I have never seen conditions so good, for so long.  We skied six straight days and only received about 6 inches of fresh snow and still conditions were perfect the whole time.  Part of the reason was a very deep base.  The main reason was very cold temperatures. (Lows from -13 to 0 and highs 0 to 20).  That is pretty cold, even for Mid January.  We had to take a few breaks in the warming huts but it was worth it. 

We skied on powder the whole week.  I don't remember ever hitting an icy patch even on steep groomed runs like the Plunge and Bushwhacker.  I should have used the GPS on my phone to track my vertical.  It was a bunch!

In the 2007/2008 season, Telluride opened three new hike-to areas.  “Black Iron Bowl" and “Palmyra Peak”, just off Prospect Bowl and  “Gold Hill Chutes 6 -10” reached form the Gold Hill Lift.  This is all “TRUE EXPERT” terrain.  Next year another new area, "Revelation Bowl" will open off the backside (East) of Gold Hill.  This new area will provide access to backcountry terrain in Bear Creek called Delta Bowl.  This is serious avalanche territory as no bombing takes place in this drainage.  There are also numerous “cliff traps” and avalanche chutes below Revelation Bowl, so enter Delta Bowl with people that know the area.  If you look at the video below, taken form “See Forever” this new area is located downhill and below the cliffs on the adjacent cliff band.  Telluride has transformed itself into an advanced skier's utopia (without exaggeration).  If you like steep scary terrain, you will love this!  Take a look.  Click here!  or go directly to Dave's Blog.

                                                      Click on the pictures below to see a short Video clip.
Marye Jo on the "Plunge"- About as steep as groomers get.
The awesome view form the top of "See Forever"
Avalanche management on Ajax peak in Telluride
View of Telluride and Telluride Mountain.  This picture and the one above were borrowed form the Telluride Ski Resort's "Dave's Blog."  By the way, the basin to the left is Black Bear Basin and the Bowl above it and to the right is "Revelation Bowl."