Skiing at the Canyons and Alta in 2011
I am not sure what the name of this run is, if it even has a name. It veers of to skiers left about half way down Extrovert (the run under Sugarloaf Lift.)  Follow a sign that says "More Groomed" but you go just past the last groomed run and ski up to a steep drop.  It is not very long and comes out just above the bottom of Sugarloaf.  Not many ski this area I guess because you can see how steep it is from the lift.  As you ski up the edge of the drop you feel like you are about to fall of the edge of the world.  The snow is always great and it is just steep enough to get your attention.  Ii is one of those runs that you think you are about to die, but you know, in reality, you won't.  You Hope!  If you fall you will slide a long way.

Marye Jo tried to video me coming down so she met me below the steep part.  I taped her on the bottom runout down to the lift.  Still good snow.  I must have dropped the camera at the end.  I can't imagine what else might have happened!
Marye Jo on Aplande off Super Condor Express
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Marye Jo skiing down Echo to Sun Lodge at the Canyons
Marye Jo on Eclipse in several inches of Powder
Marye Jo at Alta on a run off Sugarloaf Lift